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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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american and that's how many prisons they build. the name is in their cell and that's ridiculous. it's cheaper to build a university then it is to build a prison. we need to do something about this. you have other nationalities coming to the united states and they become wealthy within a matter of two, three years. they get bank loans. they get a high fica score and we can't own the block, we can't own our own business. there are african-americans leaving san francisco because it is too high so we need to have a program for our youth. once they leave ygc they need to be able to excel and not be a repeat offender. i am sherry taylor and my pastor is reverend brown san francisco.
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>> thank you. any further public comment? chief suhr, are you coming up? >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> good evening commissioners. chief suhr and joyce. welcome back. this is 2015. i expect very good and positive things of this commission and of this police department. i have been in san francisco since 1998, and no where, and i lived all over the bay area, have i found access to be able to raise questions about police activity to have people listen to respond and implement programs to incorporate and include everyone, and i expect that's going to continue and i am looking forward to the commission coming up to the tenderloin on january 28. i'm
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like straddling two areas now because i have been moved to the sixth and howard. i am so thrilled but i will be there on the 28th if i am still alive. thank you. >> thank you so much. welcome juicy. happy new year. >> i am edmond juicy and i live in the tenderloin too and the first guy talked about moscone and harvey milk but before that san francisco natives have been taken here to [inaudible] and people were killed and we don't talk about that. i come in the spirit of others and black and gay. i tell people that black lives matter. i can't feel that because i live in the tenderloin and as you know the bart paper had a concept of what it's like to be black and guy in san
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francisco and not accept the lgbt people and you don't know where you're at and we're silent and not until michael brown came and talked about this in mission school that i could say i could breathe and some officers -- you heard the lady from 1021 we are ferguson. we are below ferguson and i am glad people coming in and march in this city to give me a chance to breathe. i will show you just what i found out 10 years ago. where i live at -- i found out when i wear the black afro wig i get targeted from the police so i put the rainbow on it and when i do that they don't mesh with me. i found this out 10 years ago but last sunday i had a black person -- i wanted a black traditional christmas and listening to kmla
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what makes you good on street soldiers so i went down and two police -- in new york. i came back and we have no cameras in my apartments. somebody set 25% of the apartment on fire. we need to have the black police association they say that willie brown started because when police officers come inside the tenderloin they don't react to us like they should. >> thank you. >> and if we could get the cameras like the hamilton hotel used to have. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am only back here to give a clarifying -- i cleared with the officer here and that is the fact that we use the older statistics. we were leading up -- we try to get as much data as possible so you don't think we're unprepared but we're using the older statistics to lead up to the fact that as of
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currently the public defender stated that still as we are 6% of the population here, african-americans, we still represent over 56% of the jail inmates here so we were using the old statistics to really paint the picture that nothing has really changed and we're just hoping -- you have a copy there and it's the same document. we wanted make sure you had that clarification why we're using the old stats and we definitely hope you take the time to really listen to the youth and i am really interested -- if i have to introduce a charter amendment with the community advocating for it we will find a youth on this commission. >> thank you. [applause] no further public comment. inspector please call the next item. >> item two reports and announcements. chief report, discussion and recent
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activities and the presentation of the . chris intervention update. >> i will be try to be brief and we of a long time and we have more presentations so it was referenced that homicides are down. i am happy to report for only the second time in the last 50 years we had less here in san francisco. we're proud of the fact that for the fourth time in five years we had less than 200 non fatal shootings in san francisco and the only other year it was less we had 202. >> say that again. >> second time in 50 years we had 45 or less homicides and it's the fourth time in the last five years less than 200 non fatal shootings as recently as 2000 and 2008 we were closer to
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100 homicides and closer to 400 shootings a year so we basically halved that and done it with 300 less police officers. as far as more police officers we graduated an academy class and thank you to the commissioners for attending last friday night, 45 academy graduates left the academy are now on the streets and then we started a new academy class on monday. 50 recruits. six of those are african-american. as far as current events go it's been a very busy time. we had more holiday events and christmas events and more activities with children than i can count. i wanted to thank the healing circle for the christmas that they do or the holiday that they do and it was really great. all the young people that had a good
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holiday. we benefited by so many generous people that came forward and make sure that every young person had a good christmas. there was quite a bit of police work done. on december 23 the homicide suspects responsible for the thanksgiving day homicide were taken into custody. on december 27 a bank robberier responsible for 10 robberies was taken into custody. there was another homicide arrest on december 29 for the fatal shooting that occurred on december 7 at 20th and mission. we did have two officer involved shootings last weekend. one of them was a discharge that did not strike anybody while taking a burglary suspect into custody and of course we has been what was well publicized blue suicide that occurred on sunday in the
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mission district when a disturbed young man in a dark place had planned all the way from back march to basically give the officers according to his own note no choice to take the actions they took. those officers are off on 10 days administrative leave per protocol. today an arrest was made. i think it was already referenced in the arson case on the 2600 block of steiner which is referred as the mrs. doubt fire house and a woman has been taken into custody and booked upstairs. as far as other events. we continue to mourn the tragedy that occurred in new york city. i know there's -- as was obvious tonight there's a lot of difficult conversations being had. i know in the law
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enforcement community having two officers assassinated merely for being on duty wearing a blue uniform shocked us all. the department did make efforts to send officers back to represent. six officers went back for officer ramos' services. eight went back for officer lui's services. the gesture by the department we allowed them to go on the days they were scheduled to work. the poa and other folks including the mayor defrayed the cost so that the officers could travel back to represent the city and the department. that concludes my report and i would like to lead into the crisis intervention training presentation if there's no questions. >> i had a question quickly. did i hear you and the numbers right, 45 graduated from the academy and six -- how many? >> 45 graduated on friday night. i don't have exactly
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the demographics of that class but of the class of 50 that started on monday six of those attendees including a pair of absolutely identical twin african-american males are in that class. i never seen two more twins that are more identical. we have to figure a way. we have to give them star numbers a mile apart. >> that's the class at the beginning. >> that's the class in right now. >> you don't have a number of the demographics of the graduating class? >> i don't but i believe there is more than two. >> just for accuracy sake. >> commissioner. >> chief, i appreciate our officers going back and representing in new york and i know that is done in the nation when officers die in the course of duty. one of the things
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brought to our attention -- i am sure our officers didn't do that but one of the things brought to the public during the burial was turning the back on the mayor and i know our officers didn't do that but i am wondering do we have protocol that they're traveling and representing the department we don't participate in those politics? >> officers that attend services know it's about the deceased. it's not about any political statement and certainly we have had our own situations here where politics have gotten in and pretty much from the moment the officer passes to the moment they're laid to rest it's all about the officer and their families. >> questions for the chief? okay. >> thank you chief. >> so c it presentation. >> this is lieutenant, formerly of mission station and now in bay view station.
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>> good even commissioners and president obama and chief and cathy. i am delighted to. >> >> inform you i was selected for the training as of two months ago. >> yeah congratulations. >> i am glad to be doing that. i would like to give an update. i know six months ago you had a presentation. he was here for an hour and advocates and mental health providers so it was an extensive presentation. >> sounds like you watched it on sfgtv. >> i did. >> good move. >> before i move on i would like to say job well done to them and they were instrumental getting the cittraining on the go. they did so much work and most was given you in june was
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a product of their labor. i would like to say thank you to the mental health director michael guess. he is moving on to sonoma county and hired there so he's leaving san francisco but he has a good replacement and we will continue working with the health department on those issues. i would like to recognize [inaudible] as part of the facilitator training. she's trrmental in the training and doing the role playing in the classes so i would like her recognized for that. moving on. c it is composed of rcht elements as you can see. [inaudible] youth commissioners -- >> can you put it on the overhead? >> there you go. >> yeah. powerpoint. i gave
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it to you. >> i thought that was a copy for us. >> the power.-- >> the overhead is 1993 technology but it still works. >> i'm sorry. but anyway these are all the elements that compose the cit and involve the commissioners and mental health providers, police officers, the chief here who has been gracious enough to attend the training with us serving the community. what is going on with cit? we two years ago we had -- [inaudible] in 2012 and right now we have 312 and which is great and a long way. we are 22% of the
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patrol force is c it trained including sergeants and have three, four classes scheduled for this year and the next is in march. under the training -- [inaudible] expressed last time he was year. i am glad to say we're having training tomorrow. we have officers and willing to come to the training and others that were asked to come to the training and it's going to be a two day training. basically they're focusing on suicide prevention which is part of cit. so it's a great endeavor and now it's reality so we're moving on with that. we are still working some issues. i know you had a young man jessie who was here six months ago working and i will get together with him --
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sorry. i will get together with him and work on the numbers he has come up with. i know the department provided certain data and we're going to analyze it together hopefully and move on with the numbers and i can give the commissioners more information on that. service mapping. that's going to be part of crime mapping. we working with the data personnel to include the cit response calls to be included in the system so which we know officer is responding and allocate the resources accordingly. we have a refresher class. that's one of my goals too. the officers that have attained the cit in the past should be able to go to a refresher class within two years after the computer training. i think that is a needed tool. we have a committee that we just formed the last working group meeting we had to recognize officers,
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members of the community, health providers, advocates, so we're planning for middle of this year to have the ceremony, and i am pretty sure everyone here is invited to it. we want to recognize the work of the officers done through the years in cit, and throughout the community also. as i said before we -- [inaudible] that is happening. work that is happening. classes are being scheduled. san francisco police academy is very actively involved with cit, so they're providing some of the facilities for the training. we're on board with the academy. the department of communications -- i'm going to set up a meeting with them and get them back to the table. they haven't been at the last two meetings or thank you so much i would like back on
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the table and classify the calls for service and what we related [inaudible] and i am not seeing that on the data i looked at so i want to get back on track with that and see what we come out with. one of the goals in the working group is have a one-on-one with the officers that i trained. the working group is asking for the officers to come on the one-on-one basis to see what worked and what didn't work and how can we improve the training , what is needed out there? what wasn't done? so we have possible goals and outcomes in the future. i would like to share things happening in the bay view and this is basically what cit resembles, what we work for. basically it was a 911 call put in by the department ucsf
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psychiatry department and checked on a client that wasn't heard from for a few weeks. this resident lives in the bay view. in the past she has been violent and hid butcher knives in the boots and done a lot of off the wall things. on this date she barb wired the front of her house, put a lock on the door and broke windows and decided she wasn't going to let the officers and the psychiatry staff to come into the office so we received a phone call. the units responded and the sergeant who is trained and [inaudible] officer so they determined that at that time it would be better to make contact with her instead of rush being the house. it was determining she was a harm to
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herself only. >> >> no one else was in the house so training kicked in and they started talking to her and through communications through dispatch the officers at the scene. four hours later -- it took that long but it was textbook and how it should have been done. we had the time. we had the place. let's invest the time and the officers to have the training to deal with this situation and within four hours she opened the door. her only request was because she's a chronic scriz phrenic and you can tell about the calls and i couldn't tell you things because of privacy laws and the addresses and she was delusional. you could hear voices as she was changing from one personality to another. to listen to the stuff going on --
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but it worked out. the only request and have the officers -- officer with gray hair because the ones outside the door were young and they wouldn't understand a senior citizen. after four hours that was accomplished. we called central station and got older officers up there. they went up there and she was able to open the door and she was taken into custody and retained. >> lieutenant thank you for the presentation. thank you for taking this charge. i know you're very busy. i know swing watch lieutenant at bay view. can you share your background in this area and clearly has come to bear? >> sure. i have a ba in child developmental psychology from san francisco state. a master's degree on family counseling. i have work at the youth
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guidelines center as a counselor from 87 to 92. i work in the probation department for two years from 92 to 94 and i joined the police department in 94, so i have worked with the community. i believe that i am part of the community when i am out there i work with the youth who unfortunately now -- that i deal with when kids are arrested for different issues but i'm there, and i believe that we can make a change. the officers that come to the training, the majority are volunteer which is half of the battle and when you have an able body there willing to learn sky's the limit so i am very enthusiastic about it. >> i know my colleagues have questions. i want to remind everyone we gave an update that department cent representatives to the national conference. >> >> and i have been working on the issues but really i learned
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about the core principles and one of the things they stressed this is not a law enforcement program actually. it's a community program and the effort is get the mental health community, the community in general and the police to work collaboratively and improve the response. they said what is important is this program is neutered by the leadership and i want to commend my colleagues who passed this resolution before i was on here and we have seen it over the years and now we're seeing the improvement in the number of officers getting the training but the training by design is small. it's intimate. it's 25 or less. it's outside of the academy and done with mental health professionals from the community and do this role playing. it's done differently by design so i want to commend the chief and the command staff and this commission for really seeing it through. this type of works takes -- it takes time and
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nurturing and i think that is happening here especially with you taking the charge now lieutenant, so commissioner de jesus. >> i want to thank you. this is very timely. i appreciate it. i want to thank everyone that got to this point but this is aggressive and a to chew and if you can get this accomplished it's wonderful: the fact that 22% of the officers are trained is impressive. this is a volunteer program. they put in the extra hours, extra time so they want to do this and i think that is fabulous and i would like to see that grow and i think it will grow and the chief discussed it last night at the community meetings and great statistics and speaks volumes for the officers involved in the program. six months ago you put a training or schedule together for applied suicide intervention skills training and that is really -- i mean as we see from sunday it's really needed and the fact that we're going to
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have this kind of training is fabulous. i think that's the hardest thing to do when you have to face another person -- suicidal person and not know what is going on back there but the idea if you can train people it to intervene and the skills and it's above and beyond and really needed and i think first responders it's so important and i want to commend you on the training and i want to attend if i am available so that's just kudos. good job. and i know the basis is there and that you will carry it out is great. service mapping. i don't think people understand what is means but it's like crime mapping and you can get an idea of mental health issues, crisis, some idea where they're occurring and maybe where you need manpower. so those are all. these are really out of the box thinking and i want to commend you on this and i want to support you
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going forward, and the last -- not one of the last things, but also recognizing all of of the people that came before and providing recognition of the outstanding volunteers, the mental health community, the service providers. that's a great idea because this is really tedious and arduous work. i know the commissioners who have sat on there and helped get this going would be proud to see where it is right now, and then the lav thing is i -- interviewing the officers who had the training and out in the field you know what is works and doesn't work and they're out of the box things and i think it's really important, but the most important thing is a successful outcome and the officers were there and put four hours of time in and were able to have a
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positive outcome and resolution without violence or escalation. i think it's just wonderful and i want to thank you and i want you to come back more often and see where this is going. you may not be here but there is -- there are people -- there's people who also are trying to volunteer and set up opportunities so they can also help the mental health community and the homeless community and i have been talking to the chief. i am going to bring it up on new items but there is a group that would like to volunteer and help the emergency responders and take non violent individuals and provide services somewhat like those new taxi services are doing. maybe the first responders can call and if they're non violent take them to the services and it's a group called "concern" and i will bring it up at new issues and we should look into it and maybe
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something viable and in department in this arena. >> let me do and just to do a follow up commissioner de jesus. part of the training is suicide by cop and that's part of it. basically what i learned through the training listening to the psychologist, the doctor that teaches the classes and the officers because they have to live with what happened and do the follow up so it's complex. it's a great training and especially with what is going on right now. >> i would say additional victim. >> additional victims. they have to go through -- [inaudible] so it prepares the officers for that part of the training always. >> i don't think the public understands there are officers that retire without ever pulling their weapon and to have to pull it or be forced to pull it or act like that is traumatic for the officers and it's a side that also needs to be brought to the forefront. on the other
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side having a member of my family as a suicide it's also important to protect and try to deescalate and understand and intervene before it gets to that point. >> thank you. >> commissioner hwang. >> thank you. i want to join my colleagues for developing this innovative program. i remember when the commander came and presented it impressed how many groups came to commend him on the work. i hope we continue with the efforts to include the community groups. am sure you are. >> trust me they are. they're at every working session we have. they're proactive and vocal what they want from the police department. they ask for a lot of things. we can only foond certain things. we meet halfway but we want get to 100% with them. they're there. nami


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